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What makes TNT Different than other Centers?


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Each Childs day can be monitored through the Brightwheel app. This allows parents to see what their child is doing every day and know immediately when their child is checked in or out, all from an easy-to-use app.   

While we realize Brightwheel is important to our families, Brightwheel is not at the top of our center's priority list. Keeping our kids safe, meeting their basic needs and providing engaging and thought-provoking activities is our top priority. As such Brightwheel updates are input as the needs of the center and classroom allow. This may not be until later in the day or even on rare occasions after business hours. 



Students have the ability to enroll in classes such as Martial Arts, Music, Dance and Soccer Shots on a weekly basis.


All classes are taught by high level teachers that already have built a rapport with your children. This allows progress to be made at an exponential rate not seen elsewhere.


Classes are taught with a growth mindset and progress is tracked and measured weekly for students and  parents to see. 

Character Development

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Our Mission is to TEACH our students through mental, emotional and physical self-discipline, how to positively TRANSFORM their character in all areas of their lives. 

These values are prioritized, preached and practiced regardless of the program at TNT. Our goal is to challenge the kids in all three areas (mentally, emotionally, and physically) on a daily basis.

As such Classes and Field Trips are privileges that must be earned through citizenship. These privileges can be revoked or increased depending on individual citizenship.

Crazy Activities, Field Trips and Fun!!!

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Some of our Activities:​​

  • Wake Island Waterpark

  • Sunsplash 

  • Rockin' Jump

  • Water Slide Inflatables

  • Movie Theaters

  • Rock Climbing

  • Nerf Battles

  • Sports Days

  • Sly Park

  • Clarks Pool

  • Folsom Lake

  • Lake Tahoe

  • Mountain Biking

  • Skate Park Days

  • Roller King

  • Boat Races

  • Blaster Battles

  • Hot Wheel Challenges

  • LEGO Challenges

  • Water Battles

  • Water Balloon Battles

  • Dodgeball

  • Bowling

  • Mini Golf

  • Monster Golf

  • GoKarts

  • Skate Town

  • Apple Hill

  • Mojo Dojo

  • TNT's Annual Snow Day

  • TNT's Annual Trunk or Treat


Our Teachers

We have assembled a fantastic group of teachers and administrators with a wide variety of experience and expertise. They are commited to a growth mindset and all share a heart for children. 


Our Commitment to Quality Nutrition

We provide all of our Full-Day students with up to 3 meals daily. This includes Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack. Each of these meals are constructed with genrous portion sizes. Snacks resemble meals more than they do snacks. Meals are comprised of healthy ingredients and the menu is designed to introduce children to a variety of different foods and tastes. All meals are made fresh in house daily.


We will be uplodaing a gallery of our weekly meals shortly. To view our Food Menu for 2022, please click the button below.  

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