Our Story


Hello Friends and Families,

After years of successfully managing other programs, we are so excited and grateful to have our own. We started with our first Summer Camp in 2018. Following up on its success we decided to continue the program during the school year through our After School Enrichment Program. We are now approaching our third year of business and have expanded into two centers.  This expansion allows us to accommodate for the growth to our current programs as well as adding additional programs. 


Our Mission is to TEACH our students through mental, emotional and physical self-discipline, how to positively TRANSFORM their character in all areas of their lives. TNT=Teach and Transform. 

We are always looking to add awesome families that share our goals. If you feel like we might fit your families needs, we would love to meet you and see if it is a match. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a meet and greet. 


Kyle and Emily Balga


TNT Kidz Center

What Makes TNT Kidz Center Different?

brightwheel 3.jpg


Each child can be monitored in real time by their parents through the Brightwheel app. This allows parents to see what their child is doing everyday and know immediately when their child is checked in or out, all from an easy to use app.   

Through the app you are able to access:

  • Check-In

  • Check-Out

  • Billing & Invoices

  • Daily Photos and Videos of Activities

  • Activity Reports

  • Progress Reports

  • Injury Reports

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Students have the ability to enroll in classes such as Martial Arts, Music, Dance and Soccer Shots on a weekly basis.


All classes are taught by high level teachers that already have built a rapport with your children. This allows progress to be made at an exponential rate not seen elsewhere.


Classes are taught with a growth mindset and progress is tracked and measured weekly for students and  parents to see. 

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Our Mission is to TEACH our students through mental, emotional and physical self-discipline, how to positively TRANSFORM their character in all areas of their lives. 

These values are prioritized, preached and practiced regardless of the program at TNT. Our goal is to challenge the kids in all three areas (mentally, emotionally, and physically) on a daily basis.

As such Classes and Field Trips are privileges that must be earned through citizenship. These privileges can be revoked or increased depending on individual citizenship.

Field Trips

With weekly Fun Friday Field Trips, Crazy Summer Camp and Park Days we offer an insane and unmatched level of Fun.


After School and Summer Camp field trips included in every daily and weekly rate:

  • Wake Island Waterpark

  • Sunsplash 

  • Rockin' Jump

  • Water Slide Inflatables

  • Movie Theaters

  • Rock Climbing

  • Nerf Battles

  • Sports Days

  • Sly Park

  • Clarks Pool

  • Folsom Lake

  • Lake Tahoe

  • Mountain Biking

  • Skate Park Days

  • Roller King

  • Boat Races

  • Blaster Battles

  • Hot Wheel Challenges

  • LEGO Challenges

  • Water Battles

  • Water Balloon Battles

  • Dodgeball

  • Bounce U

  • Extreme Craze

  • Bowling

  • Mini Golf

  • Monster Golf

  • GoKarts

  • Skate Town

  • Apple Hill

  • Mojo Dojo