Emily Balga


My love for working with children started at a very young age. I was teaching music lessons at age 12 and opened my own Music Studio in 2011. While in college, I worked at Boys and Girls Club where I met my husband, Kyle. He had the same passion for working with kids and vision of creating a children's success center that I had. In 2017 we opened TNT Kidz Center and expanded beyond running other people's programs to bring our dream to life! We now have not only our Music Studio location, but a Childcare Center for Infants-High School. We offer Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Homeschool and Full Day Childcare. We love all of our students and are passionate about creating an atmosphere of success and growth for all of our staff and students! We believe in family inclusion and individual choice. We are here to support each family and student to reach their full potential! Come check us out!


Kyle Balga


I have been working with children in many different roles for over 16 years now. I love challenging and supporting children along their journey to reach their full potential. I believe in todays world it is important to empower children from a young age with the tools to face and overcome adversity. I believe one of the best ways to do this is through activities such as Martial Arts, Music, Dance and Athletic training. The situations and life lessons learned on the mat, playing field or piano, can be directly applied to everyday life with amazing results. 


Kaylin McCoskey

Site Supervisor

My name is Kaylin and I am the Site Supervisor at TNT Kidz Center. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development that I obtained at Sacramento State. I have been in the Early Childhood Education field for approximately 7 years but working with kids for 14 years. I have a strong desire to create environments families love where children can thrive!


I believe that all children are individuals and should be treated as such. Children thrive off of love and positive attention; they gain knowledge through hands on activities that are of interest to them. Infant and toddlers are naturally born curious and should be given opportunities to explore their environment with sensory experiences that enrich their minds. My favorite part of everyday is seeing the smiling faces of the children in the program enjoying their friends, activities and teachers.


On a personal note, I love being outside and enjoy the summer season. I have a corgi named Bali and love to paddleboard, hike, doing anything creative and cooking!


Hannah Chillemi

Assistant Site Supervisor

I graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a BS in Child Development and minored in Psychology and Communication. I have been working with children and families since 2018 in a variety of different settings ranging from teaching pre-k, providing behavioral aid within childcare settings, and working as a mental health worker with teenagers. I have a passion to help children learn how to identify and work through their emotions in a productive way. Teaching children positive ways to cope with emotions and building intrinsic confidence and kindness for themselves is essential in helping to mold conscientious, empathetic, and kind leaders in the next generation. I love helping kids work through conflicts and helping them problem solve and become respectful and responsible members of their community. My ultimate goal is to return to school and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing therapy and care to children and families in my community.


Erica Howard

Character Development Supervisor & After School Teacher 

I have been around children almost my whole life. Growing up in a big family as one of the oldest gave me many opportunities to babysit, take care of, and teach, which I am incredibly grateful for. My passion for children’s education flourished through college, where I obtained my Child Development Associates at Sierra. I wanted to further my education through Sacramento State, where I am currently working towards my Bachelors in Elementary Education. Children are our future, and I believe it is so important for them to have a solid foundation they can build on. It is our job as teachers/educators to offer ways that each child can explore the world through their own creative lens, which is one of the main reasons I believe in TNT Kidz so much. 


When it comes to my personal life, I enjoy dancing/choreographing, which I have been doing since I started in 2012. I also enjoy things like hiking, working out, traveling, and cuddling my two cats, Leon and Baku.


Michelle Rumery

Health & Safety Supervisor

I began working in early education when my children were in HeadStart in 2003. I was the parent that helped in the classroom, went on field trips, and was part of Parent Policy Council. I stayed so much that the teachers suggested that I get on sub list so I took some classes from the community college and was hired to sub. That lead to more classes and a permanent position with Head Start in Tuolumne County. I continued with my education and worked my way up from a parent volunteer to Site Supervisor. I have a BA in early education and a program director permit from the state of California. I recently moved to Placer county (2019) and returned to the classroom as a master teacher in preschool.

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Morgan Wheeler

Admin Assistant

Bio Coming Soon!

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Erin Tiernan-Lang

Admin Human Resources

Bio Coming Soon!


Eleesa LaSalle

Preschool Teacher

My name is Eleesa! I am so excited to have the opportunity to hang out with your kids while they learn and play. Some things about me: I have worked with children ages birth to elementary school at Sunday school for 20 years. I have also helped with youth ministries through the years as well. I enjoy reading and catching up on shows during my down time. I am looking forward to meeting you all and I am so honored that I get the chance to encourage your child as they grow.

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Marisa Sandoval

Preschool Teacher

Hi everybody! My name is Marisa and I am one of the Preschool Teachers here at TNT Kidz Center. I am the oldest of 5 with plenty of cousins, so there was never a dull moment while growing up! I started to work with children about 6 years ago now and I absolutely love it! I believe that every child is naturally curious and creative. It is my goal to create a safe and nurturing environment for them to be able to explore their creativity and curiosity based on their interests. I also believe that children thrive with positive reinforcement and implement this in the classroom everyday. I look forward to getting to know your kiddos and am excited to be on this journey with them!


Summer Nelson

Infant Teacher

Hi guys I’m Summer Nelson. My interest in childcare services started about 6 years ago and I’ve loved every experience about it! I’ve worked in several different settings in the childcare field, I started off by babysitting and nannying which then led me to the opportunity on being a childcare attendant at California Family Fitness, CalFit made me realize that I love every part of my job with the kids as well as their families, I eventually thought it was time to further my career in child care services. I am currently enrolled at American River college to get my early childhood education. I’m so excited to meet all the new kids and families with this job and can’t wait to see where this road takes me!


Erica Willet

Infant Teacher

Hello, I'm Erica and I've been working with little ones since I was a teenager. I love watching them learn and assisting in that learning process any way I can. I am currently an Infant Teacher and loving it!! I am excited to learn and grow with your children!


Jade Tomovich

School Age Teacher

Hello! My name is Jade Tomovich. I am proud to be a part of TNT Kids! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful young learners everyday. Along with a team of amazing and creative teachers, I am committed to providing your youngest ones with a loving and nurturing environment full of growth and excitement. Outside of work I stay very active at the gym, running my husky ( Sasha ) and hiking. I enjoy cooking/baking, and visiting family, and reorganizing/cleaning my home. Also I am building a garden in my backyard to enjoy all of my favorite fruits and vegetables! Sooner or later I would love to start a family of my own and possibly get a few more dogs..! This is a place of learning for both children and teachers everyday! It will be a year full of learning, new adventures, and memories!


Hannah Verner


Hi! I'm Hannah Verner! I graduated from IHS School in 2020 and am currently enrolled at Folsom Lake College working towards a degree in Theatre. Besides working with the preschoolers at TNT, I spend my free time songwriting, biking, reading, and doting on my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Scout. What I love most about TNT is all the different personalities and the experiences which teach me new things every day!


Krista Gould

Early Preschool Teacher

Hello! My name is Krista Gould and I’m so excited to be apart of the team here at TNT Kidz Center. More importantly, I am THRILLED to be your child’s Early Preschool Teacher. I absolutely love the preschool environment and having the opportunity to teach and love on every child individually. I’ve always had a heart for kids and always try to make everyday special and memorable. I’ve been a preschool teacher for the past 5 years and my favorite part of every year is getting to build a relationship with the students and parents. I’m excited to work together to help guide our children in a positive and nurturing way. My passion in the classroom is everything creative arts and music and movement. You can always find me singing a tune or doing a silly dance to get our mind and body in gear for learning while having fun! I’m very keen on communication with parents in order to have a clear understanding of expectations for a successful year together. Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have! I look forward to an outstanding year with you and your child! When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two kids. I’m a moto-mom and soccer mom. I love being out in nature and I enjoy trying new restaurants and visiting new places. My favorites: Coffee, The beach, Target and chick-fil-a 

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Tracy Dyson

Early Preschool Teacher

Bio Coming Soon!

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Desiree Meyers

Toddler Teacher

My name is Desiree ! I have been working with kids all my life. I am currently in school to further my skills here t TNT. I really enjoy being a teacher because I love seeing the kids faces light up every time I walk in. I also love watching them learn new things and how excited they get when they accomplish a new task. I love working here at TNT because they have given me the opportunity to better myself in the preschool environment and also to grow in skills that I didn't know I had.  It's a great place to work especially if you like working with kids and other great teachers!


Jessica Tomas

Toddler Teacher

Hi my name is Jessica! Working with children is a rewarding job because I get to see the kids grow everyday and their smiles! I have been working with kids in an after-school program and have loved being here at TNT . I love my Toddlers and enjoy seeing them grow. 

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