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Early Preschool

2 years old - 3 years old

Our Early Preschool program serves children 2 - 3 years of age. The program incorporates a risk-based and play-based character development curriculum as well as aiding in the development of major milestones.


Our Early Childhood Educators guide the children through the various parts of their day while encouraging them to build their language development and social skills. The Early Preschool program helps children begin the potty training process when they begin to show interest and empowers them with the skills to take care of their basic needs.


We encourage children to build their independence by taking care of themselves, the classroom and its materials by further developing communication skills such as sign language, while additionally introducing life skills concepts. 

*For more in depth information on our policies and philosophies specifically relating to our Early Preschool Program. Please read the Early Preschool Welcome Letter posted below*

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