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K-Prep Program

4 years old - 5 years old

Our K-Prep program serves children ages 4 - 5 years old. This classroom focuses on getting your student ready for Kindergarten! Our K-Prep curriculum uses a risk-based approach to education, with intentional learning set into every element of the classroom environment and every part of the daily curriculum. This is a play-based curriculum where children follow their interests and have access to most learning areas for substantial portions of every day.


Our Early Childhood Educators are there to support facilitating play and helping the children to learn to set intentions for their learning. Academic learning is woven throughout the classroom where children are able to explore math, science, art, engineering, and dramatic play areas supporting the children’s curiosities and development at their own pace and interest. Our K-Prep program is a great way for students to start building the foundation of learning they will need to excel in their education.

*For more in depth information on our policies and philosophies please read Our Core Values and Philosophies"

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