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Music Department


TNT Kidz Center offers a variety of individual music lessons for all ages. We offer instructors trained in Certificate of Merit Theory to ensure students receive complete musical training.  

Recitals are held twice a year, once in winter and once during spring. Performances offer an opportunity for students to demonstrate their progress to a live audience of family and friends. 

 Our instructors love working with children and consider it a privilege to share their love of music with them. We offer lessons in piano, guitar, ukulele, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, percussion, drums and voice. We believe fundamentals and theory are a very important part of learning any instrument, and it is a big part of every lesson we teach.

 20 minute Private Lessons (Weekly)

(4-6yrs old ONLY)

Month to Month $88/month

30 minute Private Lessons (Weekly)

7yrs old and Up

Month to Month $128/month

30 minute Group Lessons (Weekly)

$45 for 2 Students

60 minute Group Lessons (Weekly)

$25 Per Student/Per Lesson

(3 Student Minimum)


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