Open to homeschoolers, students doing distance learning, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.
2021 FallSemester
We are a vendor for area charter schools.​
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  •  Inspire            

  •  Visions            


* Independent Homeschoolers and Students Currently Learning at Home Welcome!


We are happy to become vendors for other Charters if requested.

TK-Kindergarten Class              M-F    9am-2:30pm

Come for a half or full day for our fun exploration TK/Kindergarten class! Students will be in a classroom of 10 students with their teacher. We'll be learning through hands-on thematic based education using the literature based Five in a Row Curriculum.

   9am-2:30pm                                               $35/day           $30/day ($150/week)

   9am-12pm OR 11:30am-2:30pm           $25/day           $20/day ($100/week)

Most classes this semester are offered as small in-person pods of students with an option to attend live virtually.

August 17th - December 2nd


Semester Breaks: November 23rd-26th

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